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November 19, 2013  |  Travel Log 2013

To say that I’ve been busy these past two weeks or so would be an understatement especially since I actually made use of my time in New York and spent a major part of the day outside walking around in the beautiful weather (visiting my Electronic Shops & Bookstores) catching some movies, meeting up with friends and then coming home to just crash and rest my poor feet.  For the first time in months I am actually so behind in watching all my TV Shows, that I need a vacation to actually do that. (Luckily enough I’m still unemployed so everyday is a vacation!)


Last Saturday, 16th of November was the day my plane landed here in the beautifully humid Kuwait, the moment I stepped out of the airport I realized that I missed the cool weather of New York and how I would get burns on my face because of the cold air blowing in my face all the time hehe.  The best part about the flight coming back home was the fact that Steve Wozniak was on the plane with me!!!! I couldn’t believe it!

Unfortunately I was a bit shy, especially since I always think that being on a plane makes you either 1) grouchy, tired, non-friendly or 2) craving some alone time without weirdos pestering you.  I wanted to say hello but I chose not to because I didn’t want to bother him, and be that pestering fan who wouldn’t get a hint and stop talking and such.  So instead I spent part of the flight asleep and the other part playing games and watching TV Shows.  I thought I could get a chance later on to grab a picture and signature but unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I did end up meeting him 2 days later so more on that in a bit.

Long story short, this last trip to New York was filled with fun and adventure and I had a blast I want to share bits and pieces of it and because I am hibernating at home for a while I guess I might actually get the chance.  I am just such a lazy bum I need to actually write.  So let’s hope it happens.

In the meantime, I’M BACK WITCHES!!! :P

P.S. Jetlagged like a, I don’t know like what but I am jetlagged insanely!

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  1. Welcome back honey, we missed you :*