The Day I Met Steve Wozniak in Kuwait

December 15, 2013  |  Apple, Events, Techie

The day I met Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) was a very very special day! Thanks to an invitation by Zain Telecom, I was invited on November 18th to attend a private conference for Zain Staff & Bloggers presented by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computers.  In this conference we were given another glimpse into the beginnings of Apple and how they started a small business in a garage and it grew to be one of the most successful businesses in this day and age.


Funny thing though, I was in New York 2 days before the conference and heading back home (the only reason I’ve cut both of my trips to New York short this year was because of the Zain Events really hehe :P) and on my way back I was flying Kuwait Airways.  The moment I stepped on the plane, who do I see right there sitting in First Class, the very first seat?

Steve Wozniak himself!

I was star-struck to say the least and wanted to say Hello, I’m a huge fan but felt a bit shy especially since it’s going to be a long flight and I felt I would be disturbing him and interrupting his personal time.  Hence, I just stayed quiet, found my seat and spent the rest of the flight wondering if I should go up there and say hello, when I finally decided I would I thought I’d see him when we landed at the baggage check-in but something happened and he was whisked away quickly before I got a chance to see him really. But it was one hell of an experience.


Back to the conference, we were given a glimpse into the inner workings of how he engineered the first computer board and Stev Jobs thought it would be a great idea to make money off of that invention.  Lots of details were discussed but the gist of it all can be found in his book and the official Steve Jobs book written by Walter Issacson.  One thing he did however mention was how he really despised the movie “Jobs” that was available a few months back and how it was an inaccurate portrayal of their origin story, so yay for that!

During the conference the host, Mr. Hani Al Kukhun, Zain Kuwait’s COO, asked Steve about his cool watch which Steve stumbled upon once upon a time and purchased it because it looked cool and was a fun gimmick but ended up wearing it most of the time because he enjoyed it.  A Q&A followed the conference and I was the first to ask a question, because well DUH I’m a huge Apple FREAK! :P My question was what he thought would be the flagship product would be if Apple were to have begun in this day and age rather than the 80’s since the Macintosh was what changed the face of Personal Computing.  His answer went on to say that the more fluidity of gadgets (like the flexible LCD screens) would be the future and making your gadget an extension of the human body rather than a tiresome object will surely be the focus of the next technological outburst.


After the meet we had a chance to have our Apple products signed by him and take pictures, and fortunately for me I had a Sharpie in my purse which was then used to sign everyone’s iPad/iPhone/MacBook/some Androids :P so without my Sharpie it would’ve been insanely hard hehe, just kidding.


It was a fun morning and I really had a blast, it was well worth it to cut my trip short if only to meet a great mind like Steve Wozniak.  Thank you Zain’s Social Media Team (Mohammed, Hala, Faisal, and Bibi) for this amazing opportunity and hope to see more technological geniuses come our way.

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