5 Ways to Actually Create a Futuristic Home

February 23, 2016  |  Guest Writers, Techie

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Stop trying to have a more futuristic home. There is no try. Only do. Futuristic home design is smarter, more efficient and more sustainable than ever, and unlike the clunky sci-fi movies from the ‘70s, it is comfortable and minimalist. In the future, humans will find solutions to challenges like antimatter and space dust, but at the end of the day those geniuses will still feel the urge to wear sweatpants, put their feet up and ignore their doctor’s advice about eating red meat. So start transforming your home into a paradise straight from the future with this collection of tools and techniques.

Select the Right Location

In interior home design, as in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Take a cue from Wired Magazine’s number-one most innovative city in the world: Los Angeles. Living in a city like LA will place you in the epicenter of intelligent design, from wirelessly linked LED streetlights to drought-resistant native landscapes. Use Rent.com to choose the most futuristic communities to live in LA.

Integrate Gadgets of the Future

Admit it. Ever since A New Hope and Space Camp, you’ve secretly wanted a robot sidekick. Well, now that not-so-secret fantasy can finally come true with a cute little social bot from jibo.com. Jibo can recognize and track faces, take pictures, respond to commands, deliver messages, and provide social interaction. It’s basically like a cross between Siri, your family dog, and the personal assistant you’ve never had. And while you’re thinking about your family dog, ever heard of Petcube? With this handy gadget you can watch, talk to, and play with your pet remotely for only $199. Your office lunch breaks need an upgrade anyway, and Fido is so much more interesting than Talks-a-Lot guy from the office next door.

Decorate with Smart Decor

Home decorations should be just as functional as they are beautiful, and the best decorations can be controlled remotely from your personal devices. Check out SerenaShades.com or HunterDouglas.com for shades and blinds that can be programmed and operated by your smart phone. (Added safety bonus? No dangling cords.) But don’t stop at window treatments. Smart lighting like the LIFX Color 1000 can be customized to your schedule, saving you money and time, and an interactive kitchen backsplash from Alno-USA.com can double as a platform for TV, music, Skype or home surveillance.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Or should we say, upgrade your life by outsourcing your least favorite chores to a smart appliance. Make laundry easier with the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer, which reminds you to buy more detergent and pretreats stains on its own. Also consider a vacuum robot like iRobot’s new Roomba 980. This little robot is the best, according to IEEE Spectrum magazine, because it can build a map of your house to clean every room without supervision. It even senses when its battery is getting low and heads back to its docking station to recharge itself .

Go Green

No matter how busy you are, or how little sunlight your home gets, you can still fake a green thumb. Try the Click and Grow Smart Herb Gardenrecommended by PC Magazine to jump start your indoor garden for $99.95. Or try automating your compost bin to an indoor appliance from NatureMill.net. This automatic composter mixes, heats, and aerates your food waste and converts into fertilizer.

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