4 Gadgets That Make Falling Asleep Easier

July 21, 2016  |  Guest Writers, Techie

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You’ve been thinking about hitting the sack all day. Your teeth are brushed, pajamas worn and you slip into your comfy bed. Then you toss and turn for the rest of the night until your alarm tells you it’s time to get up the next morning. If you struggle with falling asleep, you’re not alone, so do 60 million Americans, NPR reports. For some, it’s difficulty quieting their minds or finding comfort in their bed. For others, it’s the fear of their safety in their own homes or the over stimulation as a result of blue light. Luckily, in a world that revolves around technology, there is a gadget out there for everyone who struggles with falling asleep at night.

Portrait of a young girl sleeping on a pillow

Portrait of a young girl sleeping on a pillow

Home Security Camera System

For those who get anxious from home creaks and moans when trying to fall asleep, a home security camera system will put you at ease. A quality security system will allow you to monitor your home and its surroundings from the comfort of your bed using a smartphone or tablet. Features such as infrared night vision and motion-activated push-notifications will reduce any anxiety that creeps up during bedtime to allow you to fall asleep in peace.

Sound Conditioners and White Noise Machines

Even the quietest sounds are disruptive when we’re trying to fall asleep. A sound machine creates an ambiance that promotes healthy and relaxing sleep. There are two options to consider when buying a sound machine, a white noise machine or a sound conditioner. A white noise machine soothes users with white noise that is conducive to peacefulness. A sound conditioner muffles distracting sounds and also emits a series of low pulsing hums, which coaxes the brain into sleep.

Smart LED Light System

Limiting your exposure to artificial light, or blue light, after dusk will improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you can’t avoid using your devices or watching television, replace the light bulbs in your bedroom with biologically corrected white LED light bulbs that filter blue light to allow melatonin to do its job.

If you want to control your light system from your smartphone, LIFX is a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, energy-efficient LED light bulb that will improve your ability to fall asleep. The different color options affect different aspects of your body, e.g., light purple slows your heart rate to relax your mind and body, and deep red helps you fall asleep.

Smart Pillow

A great pillow is crucial to a good night’s rest, but a smart pillow further enhances the sleep experience and helps you fall asleep faster. To keep your pillow cool, place a cooling relief pad over it. When activated, the pad will drop the pillow’s temperature to give you the cooling sensation of flipping your pillow to the other side. It provides a cool relaxation that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep without any pillow flipping.

Another option to consider is a sound therapy pillow, which comes equipped with built-in speakers that play low-level music to help soothe your mind. It’s a better alternative to falling asleep with headphones in or fumbling with electronics late at night.

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